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Who we are

CRETAN MYRON is an extra virgin olive oil standardization company with its headquarters in the center of Crete. The company collects, standardizes and markets extra virgin olive oil which is guaranteed to be the best possible quality and which comes from the best olive-growing areas of Crete. The company always works in cooperation with specially chosen olive oil producers which are certified by Agrocert.

One of CRETAN MYRON’s fundamental concerns is to ensure integrated monitoring of production procedures “from the field to the shelf”. This process lasts the whole year and includes all stages of production. It includes determining the olive-growing period for each area of Crete, checking the quality of the olives and ensuring good pressing conditions at low temperatures.

Our Partnerships

Our company works with producers, olive oil mills, researchers and experts from the most famous, award-winning areas in Crete. Our partners are located all over the island, from one end to the other. The main areas are: Sitia, Peza, Viannos and Kolymbari. Even olive oils that come from the same variety of olives – Koroneiki – vary greatly in quality, flavour and aroma from region to region. We want to be sure that only the best Cretan oils are chosen for MYRON.

Our aim is to provide extra virgin olive oil from the best and most fertile areas of Crete. We want our oil to have a place in every country’s diet, and to become an essential ingredient in every kitchen. In short, we want MYRON to be known all over the world as the byword for the highest quality Cretan olive oil!

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